5 Sawyers logo and mural

When a well-respected group of publicans came to us looking for the reasons their latest venue wasn’t working, our instincts told us to get amongst it and ask customers what they thought. We pulled together groups of upwardly mobile youngsters and middle-agers and chatted about what is and isn’t going on in their social life.

Surprisingly common insights followed and led us to this story.

5 Sawyers Brand Story So Far...

People seek somewhere with a genuinely engaging atmosphere, different to the pubs and clubs that dot the local nightscape. In Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Chicago and London, each successful venue is based in an idea that has a real story to tell.

Our inspiration for 5 Sawyers came from the idea of blending the area’s rich history with the eclectic art and artists that give Cooks Hill so much of its vibrant character, creating a place where people can soak up the stories of our past, enjoy the region’s produce and take in the quirky artworks that gives the bar its authentic roots.

The rest was easy. A standout brand, mural, website and philosophy that has set the benchmark for small bars in Newcastle.


Branding & Design

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