Newcastle: See Change

Getting the opportunity to create a brand for the city you have lived in all your life, is a real moment in your branding lifetime.

The question is . . . how do you go about crafting a meaningful brand that will resonate in the minds and hearts of your target market – the locals and the rest of the world.

This is where that story began..

The Newcastle Brand Story So Far...

After uncovering Newcastle’s brand values from workshops with people representing a whole range of diverse groups. from education, tourism, construction, health, recruitment, communications, energy, banking and finance, we discovered some things we knew and some things that surprised us.

We knew we’re hard-working, that’s the working class ‘steel-city’ background.

We knew we’re pretty real and genuine, again our blue-collar roots.

But it was the world-class stories of this region in medical research, education and industrial infrastructure that provided ideas which lead us to a brand that would help transform perceptions about Newcastle.

A multi-coloured brand mark was conceived to reflect the multi-facetted, multi-dimensional place that is Newcastle.

See change.


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