I want to experience, grow and give back.

Encouraging Australia’s brightest youth to work for NSW.

We love helping clients who really want to make a difference. Recruiting the smartest, most talented young people to Australia’s largest and most diverse employer was an opportunity we seized.

Offering unmatched opportunity to gain the widest experience and help shape the future of the state, the NSW Public Sector offers a career to young people who have a vision; people who find pride in making a difference, people who know what’s important, saving lives, safeguarding our environment and democracy.

The NSW Government Graduate Program offers accelerated learning and development in a huge variety of settings. Its aim is to increase the number of talented young people entering the NSW public sector, build public sector capability, and contribute to a long-term talent management approach to develop future sector leaders.

Our campaign resulted in 15,000 hits to the webpage in the week prior to applications closing, with 1,200 applications for 25 roles for the inaugural NSW Government Graduate Program.

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