Newcastle Racecourse

Newcastle Racecourse

We had the opportunity to dig into racing’s rich tapestry of heritage and prestige to create an inspired brand story for the nearly 100 year-old Newcastle Jockey Club. Novocastrians have a proud history of industry and enterprise, and a unique cultural heritage, with racing being prominent since the first race on Wallaby Flats in 1848.

While our horse racing history is vast and filled with lore of legendary horses, jockeys, trainers, breeders and owners, our research told us that apart from the race itself, it’s the experience, the atmosphere and the ‘getting dressed up’ that make race days so appealing to visitors.

This suggests that the glamorous experience of a day at the races is a key theme to tap into when developing the new brand.



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From Newcastle Jockey Club to Newcastle Racecourse

Before launching a new name and brand we had to get this house in order – ‘Branded House’ actually. According to brand architecture a Branded House means the company itself is the brand, and its products or services are subsets of the main brand.

This theory guided our re-brand, enabling us to retain the history and equity in the membership brand, the Newcastle Jockey Club, using it as a sub brand. For the parent brand we looked around the world at infamous racecourse brands and found the place is the front-runner – Ascot, Flemington, Randwick… Need we go on? Enter new name Newcastle Racecourse and stylish brand mark.


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